Wed Niatnuom

Something's Cooking
A side adventure for the companions

(Game session held February 2010)

(Adapted for BESM from the D&D module “Something’s Cooking” by Andy Collins)

Talya, Cafal, Daphne, and Mithril were sent on an errand to consult the local wizard, Andolyn, about some markings on the floor of Erik’s laboratory. They arrived at the house to find that Andolyn was out, but there was an imp tormenting her husband, not to mention a berserk calzone golem in the pantry. They defeated the golem (largely thanks to a lucky bite from Cafal, who was covered in tomato sauce as a result) and made things difficult enough for the imp that it teleported back to its home plane. The group was rewarded with an invitation to a gourmet meal cooked by Andolyn’s husband, a master chef.

The Siege on Castle Keep
The group's first real dungeon!

(Game sessions held summer-fall 2010)

Thanks to information from a defecting general, the party tracked Erik down at a castle near the family mausoleum where his ancestors were buried. They deduced that he was engaged in a necromantic ritual to resurrect his ancestors, particularly a famous general named Toren the Red, as undead commanders to lead his armies. The party fought their way up to the top floor of the tower, where they found that the spell had gone awry and burned out Erik’s mind. After destroying the last of the undead creations, they brought the mad Erik back to Nysa for trial.

The Land Beyond the Window
Puzzles galore!

(Game session held summer 2010)

During the Midsummer celebrations, the group learned that Erik was assembling an army from loyalists in the southern part of the country and apparently cooking up something that scared even his high-ranking officers. Following the words of an old nursery rhyme, the group traveled to a remote island and followed a portal to a pocket dimension. After passing the tests of the chess field, the shadow minotaur, and the rainbow gate, they succeeded in finding the legendary oak tree, its branches laden with acorns made of many different precious metals. Armed with the fabled platinum acorn said to be the only thing which could defeat the evil threatening the land, they made their way back to Castlereagh, preparing to find and confront Erik.

The Thieves of Castlereagh
An epic three-part adventure begins

(Game sessions winter 2009-spring 2010)

Marguerite was sent by the abbey at Slliv to deal with a request from Erik, the Defender of Castlereagh, for a Nelarine to come and sort out difficulties with thieves plaguing his capital city. Investigation revealed that the “thieves” were actually a resistance led by Nysa Tel’na, the rightful heir to the throne. The party decided to join forces with the thieves, and they attacked Erik’s castle. In a grand battle in the castle’s entrance hall, they faced and killed a man they believed was Erik, only to discover that it was his bodyguard Borg, enchanted to look like Erik. The real Erik had fled, so Nysa took the opportunity to reclaim the throne.

Something Up Their Slliv
I Borrow a Plot from Alfred Hitchcock

(Game sessions summer-fall 2009)

While they were staying at the abbey, the party received a request to accompany Sister Varya (Bela’s sister) and Talya, a young ward of the abbey who had decided to join the Nelarine order, to the Nelarine fortress/chapter house at Slliv for Talia’s investiture. They foiled a plot to assassinate the prince by shooting him with a crossbow during the investiture ceremony. The plotters had learned they were his illegitimate daughters, who had been given to the order as babies; they wanted revenge and also planned to steal the handsome donation he was making to the chapter house as compensation for the lives they could have had if he had acknowledged them and brought them up as his children. The group allowed the two women to escape after they pledged not to try to harm the prince again.

The plot of this adventure was loosely based on The Man Who Knew Too Much.

The Stone of the Balakai
Urban Adventure in Slläb

(Game sessions January-April 2008)

The party learned that Bela’s estranged sister, Layla, had stolen a valuable magical gem from the nomadic Balakai. She had hidden the gem somewhere in the city of Slläb and had left a series of notes leading to it. Bela was held hostage by the Balakai until the gem was found and returned, but when he was released, he decided to stay with them, as he had fallen in love with Elani, the headmother’s translator. During their investigations, the group encountered Milla, the woman who had infected Bela with lycanthropy, so they decided to take her to the abbey to be cured as well.

The Belle of the Blue
Our adventures begin!

(Game sessions ran August-November 2007)

The group met up when they were all selected to be part of the crew of The Belle of the Blue, a ship bound out of Eborlan on a voyage of exploration to celebrate the country’s release from the Cult of Bane which had ruled it for twelve years. However, the voyage was cut short when the ship was attacked and taken over by pirates. Cadwallen, Marguerite, Revon, and Cadmus, along with Nigel Jones (the captain) were all set adrift on the pirates’ old ship. In the hold, they discovered Belatir Ilionescu imprisoned in a cage and learned that he had recently become a werewolf. Nigel Jones was eventually offered a chance to redeem himself by Saldo, god of the sea. In order to do so, he had to retrieve an amulet from a labyrinth on the haunted isles of Gats’ni. The party aided him in accomplishing this task and, as part of their reward, were transported to the port of Slläb in Rhodavia, from where they could take Bela to an abbey where his sister could heal him of lycanthropy.

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