North of Eborlan is a patchwork of territories, not nations but rather small states, each controlled by a single powerful family. The area known as Rhodavia is a loose confederation of such states. Once the entire area was ruled by the oldest of the families, the Rhodavi, who continue to hold the title of “Prince.” However, the territory that they now actually control is a fraction of what they once held, with three other families (the Tortenu, the Petrescu, and the Ilionescu) coming to prominence. The family Ilionescu hold the easternmost territory, which includes Slläb, Rhodavia’s only seaport.

There are no very large cities; even Slläb is not particularly big. Between its villages, Rhodavia is largely woodland, becoming mountainous to the north. Winters are harsh, but spring and summer are quite pleasant.

Bands of nomadic Balakai are often seen in Rhodavia during the warmer part of the year. The Rhodavians and the Balakai each have their own language. Most Balakai and a largeish proportion of the population of Slläb also speak at least a little Common.

The great majority of Rhodavians follow Ytiel, to the extent that they commonly refer to him as simply “the god.” In the western part of the country, there is a large Nelarine chapter house near the town of Slliv.

Rhodavia has featured in the following adventures:

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