Wed Niatnuom

The Thieves of Castlereagh

An epic three-part adventure begins

(Game sessions winter 2009-spring 2010)

Marguerite was sent by the abbey at Slliv to deal with a request from Erik, the Defender of Castlereagh, for a Nelarine to come and sort out difficulties with thieves plaguing his capital city. Investigation revealed that the “thieves” were actually a resistance led by Nysa Tel’na, the rightful heir to the throne. The party decided to join forces with the thieves, and they attacked Erik’s castle. In a grand battle in the castle’s entrance hall, they faced and killed a man they believed was Erik, only to discover that it was his bodyguard Borg, enchanted to look like Erik. The real Erik had fled, so Nysa took the opportunity to reclaim the throne.


Juliet Juliet

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