Wed Niatnuom

The Belle of the Blue

Our adventures begin!

(Game sessions ran August-November 2007)

The group met up when they were all selected to be part of the crew of The Belle of the Blue, a ship bound out of Eborlan on a voyage of exploration to celebrate the country’s release from the Cult of Bane which had ruled it for twelve years. However, the voyage was cut short when the ship was attacked and taken over by pirates. Cadwallen, Marguerite, Revon, and Cadmus, along with Nigel Jones (the captain) were all set adrift on the pirates’ old ship. In the hold, they discovered Belatir Ilionescu imprisoned in a cage and learned that he had recently become a werewolf. Nigel Jones was eventually offered a chance to redeem himself by Saldo, god of the sea. In order to do so, he had to retrieve an amulet from a labyrinth on the haunted isles of Gats’ni. The party aided him in accomplishing this task and, as part of their reward, were transported to the port of Slläb in Rhodavia, from where they could take Bela to an abbey where his sister could heal him of lycanthropy.


Juliet Juliet

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