Wed Niatnuom

Something's Cooking

A side adventure for the companions

(Game session held February 2010)

(Adapted for BESM from the D&D module “Something’s Cooking” by Andy Collins)

Talya, Cafal, Daphne, and Mithril were sent on an errand to consult the local wizard, Andolyn, about some markings on the floor of Erik’s laboratory. They arrived at the house to find that Andolyn was out, but there was an imp tormenting her husband, not to mention a berserk calzone golem in the pantry. They defeated the golem (largely thanks to a lucky bite from Cafal, who was covered in tomato sauce as a result) and made things difficult enough for the imp that it teleported back to its home plane. The group was rewarded with an invitation to a gourmet meal cooked by Andolyn’s husband, a master chef.


Juliet Juliet

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