Wed Niatnuom

Something Up Their Slliv

I Borrow a Plot from Alfred Hitchcock

(Game sessions summer-fall 2009)

While they were staying at the abbey, the party received a request to accompany Sister Varya (Bela’s sister) and Talya, a young ward of the abbey who had decided to join the Nelarine order, to the Nelarine fortress/chapter house at Slliv for Talia’s investiture. They foiled a plot to assassinate the prince by shooting him with a crossbow during the investiture ceremony. The plotters had learned they were his illegitimate daughters, who had been given to the order as babies; they wanted revenge and also planned to steal the handsome donation he was making to the chapter house as compensation for the lives they could have had if he had acknowledged them and brought them up as his children. The group allowed the two women to escape after they pledged not to try to harm the prince again.

The plot of this adventure was loosely based on The Man Who Knew Too Much.


Juliet Juliet

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